The Nepal light Foundation is an officially registered non-government organization associated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. Nepal Light Foundation Nepal started providing , food, support, shelter, sponsoring and education for underprivileged, orphaned, and street children in the communities of Kathmandu and other areas of Nepal. Many children have had traumatic and tragic experiences as a result of the loss of their parents, much of which is due to the 10 year political war in Nepal. Since opening, we have managed to more than triple the number of orphans in our care, and plan to help many more.

Over the years, our work has expanded to include working with disadvantaged women to create new opportunities for generating income for themselves and their families, partnering with local schools to assist with teaching English, health and human trafficking awareness-raising activities, and community-building activities in Kathmandu, and other areas of Nepal. Nepal is still a very underdeveloped country and needs developmental help in a wide range of areas.

Our organization also hosts volunteers, providing people from around the world with the opportunity to experience the real Nepal, staying with a local host family while assisting us in overcoming the challenges created by extreme poverty and disadvantage. Every volunteer makes a unique contribution and are able to work with us to structure their volunteer experience to follow their interests and make the most of the skills and knowledge they have to offer.

If you are interested in volunteering with us or donating to support our work, please take a look at our various programs and contact us to let us know what areas of our work interested in.

Our Mission

The mission of Nepal Light Foundation is to continue what we started in 2018, providing children with care shelter and education. Orphaned children are special cases but our only concern. Our mission is to continue to help children in poverty stricken communities that cannot afford education. Our goal is to continue to build a network where volunteers can continue to give back in any way they can; from coming to the orphanage to going to farms to learn about farming practices and Nepali culture. Helping us provide many children with all the tools they need, from schools tools, intellectual tools and well as spiritual tools.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite grand but there is no doubt that with everyone’s help we can bring it into fruition! Our vision is to build a better, Nepal Light Foundation owned, living complex in order to provide for more children of Nepal. We are currently renting but by owning, it will create better stability for the children to thrive in. This will not only expand our help provided to orphans but also help provide for community children.